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Use notes of Coal Hot Air Furnace

Time:2015-08-03  Creator:Yi Du

    Hot Air Furnace is a common heating equipment, according to the different dyes,It can be divided into fuel, coal and gas.(Learn《 Sort of Hot Air Furnace》)For different regions and different heat requirements, select the appropriate hot air stove.The common one is coal hot air furnace.We considerate from Fuel cost, equipment investment cost and maintenance cost.
    Working Principle of Hot Air Furnace
    From article above 《Presentation working process of Hot Air Furnace》,We can see the whole working principle of the hot air furnace through the hot air stove working demo.The air blower is in the role of the air blower into the coal - fired hot air stove, and the lower part of the equipment is the coal combustion and the combustion chamber.Heater transfer to the furnace wall, heating the air.The flue gas is discharged by the air blower.
    Using Notes of Coal Hot Air Furnace
    1 High temperature protection measures are needed by high temperature area at the first time:refractory brick and refractory clay.The temperature of the furnace can not be too high, so as to avoid the surface cracks of refractory materials.
    2 Choice of Coal:For improving combustion efficiency,it is necessary for choose correctly coal.It is right for hot air furnace by particle diameter with50-60mm.For many hot air furnace,Bituminous coal, anthracite and lignite is useful.
    3 Method for treating flue gas:We general recommend desulfuration by wet processes,it is the mainstream method in this industry.And,Water film dust collector for the dust removal method.

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