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YiDu as the leader in the Stearate Drying Machine Industry

Time:2015-07-25  Creator:Yi Du

    Stearate is an additive,it practical strong.One of most important is good for polymers.And it can be used as a medium for the acid in the polyolefin and agent,it is good for the lubrication of the articles.Increase usage cycle.In the market,requirement of stearate is very huge,The general is focused on: calcium stearate, zinc stearate, sodium stearate.LianyunGang HuamingTai Mstar Technology CO.,Ltd.
    That is the complicated process for produce stearate.After many times researching,The flash dryer of YiDu is the best choice for you.In two years, use the flash dryer of stearic acid salt of the drying effect is remarkable, not only has high production efficiency, and less human resources, significantly reduces the cost of enterprise.
    The difficulty of stearate drying is a few quantity of powder, So it can not be very good in the dry dust collection.Choosing the traditional bag type dust removal equipment can not be a good solution to this problem.Our company improve the traditional bag filter for this facts.Stearic acid salt drying using flash dryer, the effect is remarkable, and use flash drying equipment to high production requirements under full load operation.The most suitable drying equipment is the purpose of the design of the dryer.Constantly communicate and solve problems, and constantly break through the self.You can learn more information about stearate drying in our website.We can solve all the problem about drying machine.Call us:13809072359
Stearate Drying

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